Pets are happier  if allowed to stay in their own environment. I provide a full service for house and pet sitting: feeding, walking, cuddling and pampering your pet. They will barely know you’ve left! I will also water your garden if necessary, check your mail, put out the bins and basically keep your home clean and organised for your return.

Home Boarding for Cats and other small caged pets
A home-from-home experience in which your cat will have access to the entire house, but is never allowed outside. All caged pets are welcome too.

Daily Pet Care Visits
Kennels and catteries can be stressful, unpleasant environments for animals compared to the comforts of home and I have often been told of animals coming home with ailments from them. So I will come to your house to visit your pets, spend quality time with them, feed them, clean up after them, and make sure they and your home are well looked after while you’re away.

Dog Walking
I offer emergency dog walking; if you are suddenly let down by your regular dog walker, or need someone just to drop in and let your dog out in the garden for a few minutes.

Garden Watering
Gardens of all sizes watered while you are away, and only when necessary.



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