Free initial consultation with all bookings.

PET CARE:  dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, chickens etc.

Daily Visits once p/day – £10.50 p/visit (Note: this may increase if out of local area)
Daily Visits twice p/day – £10 p/visit

Housesitting – £27 p/night for 1 cat, £30 p/night for 2 cats, £35 p/night for 3 cats, £40 p/night for 4 cats. £30 p/night for 1 dog, £35 p/night for 2 dogs, £40 p/night for 3 dogs  (max. 3 dogs)

Daily Dog Minding
Prices start at £25 for 1 dog, £30 for 2 dogs, £35 for 3 dogs. (Only at owner’s home)

Light Gardening whilst housesitting – £10 p/hour
Outdoor Plant Watering whilst pet minding – no charge up to 20 mins, £3 if more than 20 mins
Indoor Plant Watering whilst pet minding – no charge
Garden Watering – from £8 p/day

Home Boarding (cats) – £16 p/night for 1 cat or £20 p/night for multiple cats
Home Boarding (small caged pets) – £8 p/night for 1 cage, £10 p/night for 2 cages
You will need to provide your pets’ own food, bedding or litter. Any change to their diet could result in ill health and digestive problems. 

Dog Walking
– £12 p/hour for 1 dog or £15 p/hour for 2 dogs from same family (price includes pick up & drop off). Written consent is required for dogs to be walked off lead.

Pet Portraits in Watercolour, Pastel or Pencil – Prices will vary depending on number of pets, background and medium, but an A4 size portrait of a single animal starts from £90 and A3 size portrait of a single animal starts from £120   http://www.janizardart.co.uk

Public Holidays, Christmas Day & Boxing Day – 50% surcharge
Administering medication – 50p p/day
Reimbursement for vet fees, extra time/fuel in cases of emergency & shopping bills.
Petrol for transporting dogs to/from walking area whilst housesitting @ 40p p/mile
Petrol for extra mileage outside local radius @ 40p p/mile
£2 Key pick up or drop off outside of the consultation or paid visits (unless already in area)

For insurance and safety purposes no more than 2 dogs walked at a time.
Cannot administer oral medication if animal is prone to biting/scratching.

Please be assured, for security, any keys left with Pet Angel will never be tagged with home address.

Cancellation fee applies if advised less than 48 hours before booking date commences.

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