1. What areas do you service for pet sitting and dog walking?
    I live in Abbots Langley and service the surrounding areas (although any area over 5 miles from Abbots Langley will have a travel charge added).
  1. Do you have insurance and police checks?
    Pet Angel has £2 million public liability insurance, which covers your pet’s health and life, your property and your keys, as well as any liability to a third party resulting directly from Pet Angel working with your pets and around your property.
    I also have an ACRO police certificate issued within the last 12 months.
  1. Can you administer medicine to my pet?
    Yes, I can deliver any type of medication including injections. If anything tricky is involved I appreciate you demonstrating this to me at the initial consultation to decrease the risk of any miscommunication. I am happy to schedule the initial consultation at a time that you would normally administer the medicine.
    If you have a pet that requires medicine at a specific time, I will prioritise the timing of the visits. There is usually a small extra daily charge for administering medicine.
  1. How early do I need to book?
    The earlier you book the higher the chance of me being available, and the more time you will have to find an alternative if I am not. I recommend contacting Pet Angel the same day you find out that you will need me, even if it is to make a “maybe” booking (a cancellation fee will only apply if the booking is finalised and notification is given less than 48 hours of the date that the booking commences).
  1. What happens in an emergency?
    Before you go away you would provide as many contact details as needed to maximise the chance of you being contacted at any time. In the event that you cannot be contacted it is  imperative that you give details of an emergency contact person, preferably someone who lives nearby, has a spare key, and is in a position to make decisions on your behalf. I would also have your vet’s details  In emergencies regarding your pet, I use my best judgement to handle the situation. Please note some extra costs may be involved.
    If I have an emergency of my own, you or your appointed emergency contact will be notified as soon as is possible.
  1. How and when do I pay?
    The preferred payment methods are cash, cheque or bank deposit.

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