Pet Angel was created in 2000 because I wanted to make a living doing something  I love and which would fit in with my pet portrait painting www.janizardart.co.uk. I am delighted to say that Pet Angel has grown almost entirely from word of mouth and I would be happy to provide references on request.

The aim of Pet Angel is to give pet owners peace of mind that their special companions will be given the best of care while they’re away.

Pet Angel maintains a high level of professionalism. For all the services provided, clients must offer their trust, and in return Pet Angel respects the clients, their property and, most of all, their pets.

I have experience and confidence with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and will also happily work with the smallest of animals (although I draw the line at those with eight legs!). I take great pride in being reliable, conscientious, trustworthy and caring. I behave in a calm, gentle and patient manner around your pets, while being especially sensitive to those with more delicate temperaments. 

With Pet Angel on board, you can leave home feeling secure in the knowledge that you have a professional, experienced animal lover who will care for your pets and your home as if they were their own.


IMG_5629      Jan

Growing up by a livery farm, I developed a love for animals and nature. Horses and cats were a large part of my childhood. My first pet was a kitten named Danny who followed me home from the farm when I was 8 and never went back. I am fascinated by the individual personalities exhibited by each animal I meet and enjoy the challenge of trying to understand them.

I have taken several animal healing workshops and completed Reiki I and II, and a course on Reiki healing for animals. In May 2017 I completed a course on First Aid Training for Canines.

I had a career as a PA Secretary in London which lasted for 30 years, ending with the position as PA for the Chief Executive of a large international firm, which required signing the Official Secrets Act 1989. I also took jobs as a babysitter for many years in my spare time. So trust and reliability were vital in the type of work I was doing.



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